A Smart In-Home Garden of Urban Households



A Smart In-home Garden

Transform your household greeneries into an indoor edible garden that thrives.

With TekGrow, you can grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms in-home all year round without any herbicides or pesticides.


CAD $999

CAD $1,499 (-33% OFF)


CAD $999

CAD $1,499 (-33% OFF)

Let’s Get Growing!

Auto Grow

TekGrow is a smart self-watering planter with built-in grow light that helps you cultivate nutritious greens and microgreens with little effort. Start growing healthy and nutritious veggies for you and your family.

Our indoor garden system comes with everything you need for your urban farm to thrive. Our system combines pre-seeded pods with a smart hydroponics system for a self-sustaining method to grow safe, healthy, and nutritious food. TekGrow can identify what you are growing and adjust settings to the optimum growing conditions. This includes precise lighting conditions and watering schedule to nurture your future harvest. Simply plug the device in and watch your garden grow.

A World of Possibilities

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Choose from our selection of plant seeds, ranging from leafy greens, herbs, microgreens to mushrooms. Or experiment with your own seeds using our Grow Your Own pack.

Enjoy Healthy Meals