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TekGrow is a Smart In-Home Garden specifically designed to grow greens and mushrooms that is known to be nutritious, delicious and have numerous health benefits, such as: microgreens, leafy greens, enoki mushroom and cordyceps militaris. TekGrow has been pre-set to automatically grow using seed trays which are equipped with substrate for growth. User only adds water, liquid nutrient, seed trays and plug AC to grow. TekGrow screen and My TekGrow app will alarm the time to harvest. Enjoy healthy meals with your family!

+ Benefit values:

✓ 1.5 kg of fresh and nutritious microgreens every 2 weeks ≈ CAD $150.
✓ 4.5 kg of fresh enoki mushrooms every 12 weeks ≈ CAD $90.
✓ 1.5 kg of fresh cordyceps militaris every 12 weeks ≈ CAD $350 (Vietnam market price).

+ Low cost of seeds:

✓ Microgreens seeds: CAD $40 per 2 weeks.
✓ Enoki mushrooms seed: CAD $10 per 12 weeks.
✓ Cordyceps militaris seed: CAD $80 per 12 weeks (Vietnam market price).

+ Energy-efficient: Power consumption less than 30 kWh per month.

+ 1-Year Warranty


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