TekGrow Smart In-Home Garden


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Today, more than ever before, it is important that we create balance and eat healthily. TekGrow garden kit has a compact and functional design so you can easily integrate an in-home garden with your living space.

For a thriving garden to grow, plants need good companionship with other plants. Similarly, your in-home garden would also benefit from a combination of plants that can support the each-others’ growth. Our team of experts have carefully designed plant growing techniques that combine compatible plants and specific requirements for lighting and watering to yield the most successful garden and the best harvest.

Grow in 365 Days

Grow in 365 days per year: microgreens, herbs, leafy greens, enoki mushrooms, some kind of fruits, and cordyceps militaris

Yield to Organic Vegetables

Supply rich nutrient, fresh, healthy, safe, 100% organic microgreens, herbs, leafy greens, mushrooms and cordyceps militaris

Low Cost of Seeds

✓ Microgreens seeds: CAD $40 per 2 weeks.
✓ Enoki mushrooms seed: CAD $10 per 12 weeks.
✓ Cordyceps militaris seed: CAD $80 per 12 weeks (in Vietnam)


Power consumption less than 30 kWh per month

Benefit Values



1.5 kg of fresh and nutritious microgreens every 2 weeks

(≈ CAD $150)

(Canada market price)

Enoki Mushrooms


4.5 kg of fresh enoki mushrooms every 12 weeks

(≈ CAD $90)

(Canada market price)

Cordyceps Militaris


1.5 kg of fresh cordyceps  militaris every 12 weeks

(≈ CAD $350)

(Vietnam market price)

Technical Specifications

✓ Equipped with auto control for LED light, temperature, humidity, wind, sound, water, nutrient liquid, oxygen and carbon-dioxide

✓ Use the My TekGrow app to connect with your garden on smart devices

✓ Set reminders for harvest time, environment & door status

✓ Manually adjust kit settings by using the on-device touch screen or by using the My TekGrow App

My TekGrow App

✓ Connects to the garden through Wi-Fi or LAN Internet connection

✓ Auto-control environment and door settings

✓ Monitor/display settings and growth reports

✓ Set reminders for harvest time, environment & door status

✓ Allows for manual adjustments to environment settings